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What is Miyagi-Jonet?

MIYAGI JO-NET (Miyagi Women’s Support Network) is a non-profit organisation supporting women in the Tohoku area that was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. We aim to connect the women in the affected areas with women and supporters from around Japan and the world. To this end, we are cooperating with various other women’s and relief organisations. Our many projects are designed to help women individually in reconstructing their lives and livelihoods. We thereby hope to brighten their everyday a little bit. We also collect relief/support goods and other donations to distribute them among the women and families affected by the disaster. Through regular meetings, our ‘salons,’ and consultations, we gain insight into women’s needs and concerns, and propose adequate measures to local and regional administrations.

Many of Miyagi Jonet’s members are women affected themselves by the disaster.


3 Mar 2013


The English language side of the Miyagi Jonet Blog is still under construction. Approximately 200 entries and several hundreds of photographs covering the period from May 2011 to March 2012 have now been uploaded and are waiting for your perusal.

The translation and uploading work was entirely carried out by an international team of volunteers. We would like to thank all of our lovely volunteers for generously offering their language skills and time to this effort. Thank you very much!

There remain, however, around 250 entries to be translated from Japanese into English. If YOU would like to help and have the necessary language skills, please get in touch with 

11 Mar 2012

March 11, 2012

To all our Supporters,

Today, we honoured the anniversary of March 11 with fresh feelings.
Thanks to your generous aid, the circle of friends and supporters has widened daily, and Jonet and the people in the disaster areas have been strengthened by your kind support.
That we have been able to extract ourselves from a situation that seemed hopeless, is entirely due to the strong support you have lend us.
We would like to use this occasion to thank you all from our hearts. Thank you very much!

Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami in the heavily hit disaster areas, it was as if we had received electric shocks. The stench was indescribable, the air filled with dust, and one's feet were getting stuck in the sludge unable to move. To walk even a small distance took considerable time and effort, leaving one exhausted. Our surroundings had turned into a single-colour grey world.

Over the last days, we have been continuously contacted by the media who want to report on the recovery of our towns one year on. But from our perspective, hardly any people in the disaster areas are on the road to recovery.
The debris may have been cleared away; traffic lights and telephone cables may have been renewed, and the roads may have been restored. However, one does not catch sight of the people of the towns. This might be because one now uses the car when moving from door to door, but life is nowhere to be seen, so to speak. This is the most worrying phenomenon.

Miyagi Jonet endeavors to set up with its salons a point of contact and interaction with the people in the disaster areas, and, going back to basics, to continue its various support activities and efforts. We kindly ask you to continue providing us with your support.

The Jonet House (trailer) in front of the ruins of 
Minamisanriku's Disaster Prevention Office

The foundations were swept away.
This seems to be a new building method for foundations.



A sign in the new Sansan Shopping District explaining the escape routes.


2 Mar 2012

Temporary shopping district in Minamisanriku opens!

Town in snow. Trucks loaded high with car wrecks can no longer get up the steep hill to this storage site but have been seen to ground to a halt.

In the far distance, the sea at Minamisanriku

The black dots are tree stumps left behind by the tsunami.

For the time being, the Chiba Nori Shop has set up its premises in the temporary shopping district with its prefab shops. 
Jonet has prepared little gifts to thank the clients coming to the shop.

Suddenly, a 'yosakoi' dancing girl popped in cheerfully, lifting our spirits.
But hey, outside it is so cold that one wants to snuggle deep into one's winter coat, no?!

Minamisanriku - municipal institutions

The temporary premises of the Minamisanriku Town Hall

The temporary premises of Minamisanriku's Public Hospital

The campsite sign is still standing close to the Bay-side Arena,
but the tents of the volunteers have disappeared.

24 Feb 2012

Film shooting


We held a 'making my own tote bag' Salon.
The results were lovely individual creations.


Next door, film director Okuda Eiji was shooting.
The film is scheduled to premiere on March 11.

The participants' creations



A 'room for the elderly' was built.
Inside, there is that cozy warmth peculiar to heating with a stove.
Over lunch everyone returns to their rooms, but soon after they gather again so that there is hardly any seat left.

23 Feb 2012

Minamisanriku - the situation at the beach

Unchanged since 3.11.
The second floor of that house was swept over the street 
and lies overturned ever since.

Today's catch is this one fish.
The chef is my father.

The minshuku (private lodging for tourists), the house, the kitchen, three buses and cars - all gone. Nothing but this billboard remained. 

The 20m heigh tsunami transported the boat up this hill and over the road, depositing it finally in this ravine.

The fish looks really ugly, but I was told that they are delicious as a fish soup.

Pacific cod for 5000 Yen

At the fish monger, fish dishes prepared from locally caught fish 
as well as these unique cookies are sold


Stately tiled roofs






In Minamisanriku, one can find many houses with elegant tiled roofs; each of them being distinct in its style.